Plant Close-up

Our solutions

Effective and affordable growing systems

Cutting propagation

Greatly improve the yield per m2 and the quality of the rooting of your young plant cuttings. Our solutions allow for a predictable yield anytime.

LEDs & Climate control

Let us define your growing light and climate control needs based on our in-house experience with our vertical farm.

Tasty strawberries

Grow local, tasty and sustainable strawberries anywhere and anytime. We can help you with our strawberry growing system.

From A to Z

Our team of experienced CEA specialists is ready to support you from your initial idea to your up-and-running indoor farm. Our method is based on our strong and proven track record operating the largest vertical farm in Belgium.

Meeting eachother

Get to know each other

Visit our testing center in Brussels and meet our team! We will show you how we like to do things and discuss how we can help you. We cannot wait to meet you.

Placing plants in farm

The power of CEA

Show, don’t tell. With our testing infrastructure we can easily set up a short trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions. A first win to start our collaboration!

Analyzing statistcs

Requirement analysis

We want to understand exactly what your challenges are. The more specific we can be, the better the results. We will also support you during this process.

Custom farm creation

Our solution

Together, we design and implement a rock solid solution that will answer to your specific needs. Our team is always available for you!

Ready to grow? Share your ideas with our team to get started.