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Effective and affordable vertical farming systems

Urban Harvest is your end-to-end partner for all your controlled environment agricultural needs.

Vertical farm Rn D


Cutting propagation results in the highest genetic match between mother and daughter plant - and our solutions allow for a predictable yield anytime.

Why an indoor farm?
An indoor farm solves common issues with propagation in greenhouses.

  • Indoor farms eliminate unpredictable climate and growing conditions that make propagation in greenhouses so difficult.
  • Space is incredibly valuable in greenhouses and cuttings take up too much of this space - vertical stacking in indoor farms is more efficient.
  • These two points lead to a greatly improved yield per m2 and higher-quality rooting of your young plant cuttings in indoor farms than in greenhouses.

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Leafy greens

Leafy greens

Grow local, tasty and sustainable leafy greens and micro greens anywhere, anytime.

Why an indoor farm?

These types of greens are not difficult to grow - and are becoming a very popular produce for urban farms being started all over the world. Demand for these crops is increasing — year-round sustainable production on indoor farming systems can help local entrepreneurs create supply for interesting niche markets.

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Aardbei vertical farm


Grow local, tasty and sustainable strawberries anywhere, anytime. We can help you with our strawberry growing system.

Why an indoor farm?
Strawberries are a very popular and highly wanted produce, but they cannot traditionally be grown everywhere in the world. Indoor farms make this possible.

  • The quality of the strawberries always suffers from being transported, which is why we should keep production as local as possible with an indoor farm.
  • Our indoor farming systems perfectly control temperature, humidity, ventilation, and more.
  • Agriculture is changing around the world. New technologies, like our indoor farms, solve issues like increased droughts and heavy, unpredictable rainfall.

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Main components of our indoor farming systems

Climate control

Our systems are built to perfectly master temperature, humidity, ventilation and CO2 levels. Our in-house developed algorithms control the air handling units, which are engineered depending on the project needs, location and plant type.


Our extensive knowledge and top notch testing facilities guarantee the best lighting for the job. Dynamic or static lights, fixed or variable light schedule? No worries: we’ll take care of it, within your budget requirements if necessary. We are also vendor agnostic, so we are not bound or contractually obligated to a specific manufacturer.


Our experience provides us with extensive knowledge in water management strategies for systems with up to 100% water recycling. We also developed our own sensor platforms for EC en pH monitoring, which reduces both investment and operational costs.

Software and control systems

We strive for a rock-solid control platform that’s built on industrial standards and components — but comes with a user friendly interface. Our platform is compatible with several other software systems.


Knowledge comes in numbers — and we’re not forgetting that valuable lesson. We work together with growers to collect, visualise and analyse data, in order to make better decisions.