Plants under light
About us

We aim to create sustainable businesses together with our customers.


Transparency is the starting point of everything we do at Urban Harvest. We believe in open communication within the team and with our partners, sharing knowledge and measuring and collecting all the data.

Lean & mean

We believe that there is no time to waste, which is why the team at Urban Harvest is extremely driven with little overhead. Everyone knows what they must do to keep moving forward and create the positive impact Urban Harvest strives for.


Innovation lies within our DNA. We enjoy finding solutions for those hard to crack growing challenges. Where others don’t see a way, we see new opportunities. It is not about reinventing the wheel: it is about getting better results.

Meet the team

We make it grow strong!

Alexandre Van Deun

Sales & Co-founder

Olivier Paulus

Engineering & Co-founder

Benjamin Flasse

Plant scientist

Tom Martens

Data engineer