About Us

It all starts with…
a box.

Urban Harvest was founded by two young entrepreneurs with a mission to do things differently, better, healthier and more sustainable.

Grown from a glorified garden shed into the largest commercial vertical farm in Belgium, all of it based on systems developed and operated by the Urban Harvest team.

Since 2017

Founed by the end of 2017 and since then grown to a team of 6 FTE’s.

Commercial production

Our team curates more than 1.000 m2 of growing surface.

Data driven

Fully supported by our own data collection systems for faster and better decision making.

Agriculture (r)evolution

We are driven to reduce the amount of resources used by agriculture. This is not just a job it is a lifestyle.

Join the (r)evolution.

Alexandre Van Deun

Sales & Co-Founder

Olivier Paulus

Engineering & Co-Founder

Dries Timmermans