Plants in farm of Urbanharvest

A no-nonsense approach to controlled environment agriculture.

The highly-skilled team of vertical farming experts at Urban Harvest effectively tackles all your growing challenges. We develop profitable and affordable indoor farming systems that are tailored to your needs. From concept, all the way up to your own up and running vertical farm.

Why we do it

It’s all about the impact!

People, planet and profit: not just 3Ps in a dusty CSR blueprint, but 3 well-balanced values ingrained in every solution we execute and partnership we seek.

We aim to be a part of the solution. The solution to create a more pleasant environment for us all to live in. One which restores the beauty of planet Earth not just for us, but for the generations to come. And, last but not least, a solution that is financially self-sufficient.

Why we are relevant

Hands-on method
From the back-of-the-envelope concept to building and operating a 1.000 m² vertical farm in the center of Brussels, we’ve done it all and enjoyed the ride.

Building and running a profitable farming business is not easy. Yet when you nail it, there is no better feeling! We want to share our experience with you to find your edge.

The status quo…
… is something we enjoy to challenge. Preferably in the leanest and meanest way, by agile and cost-effective problem solving.

How we can help you

Technology & innovation

Cutting propagation
LEDs & Climate control
Tasty strawberries

Effective & sustainable farming starts here

All the Urban Harvest solutions are extensively tested in our in-house operated vertical farm to make sure they meet our high-quality standards. 


Do you have a great idea related to controlled environment agriculture? Bring it to our team and together we’ll make them work by using our experience and proving grounds to put your ideas to the test.

Vertical farm

We’re happy to introduce our 1.000 m² of commercial production surface, with an output of more than 50.000 ready-to-eat fresh herbs per month. A green lung built within an abandoned meat market in the heart of Europe!

Experienced team at your service

Controlled environment agriculture, vertical or indoor farming: all are driven by technology and innovation. And all require more than just’ a growing system to be successful. We have experienced the full cycle with our 1.000 m² vertical farm in Brussels, which we designed, built and operated 100% in-house. No need for you to pay for the learning curve, because we already did!